Gilbert Mane
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7 Steps to Freedom

Gilbert Mane is an educator, writer and keynote speaker.

Having originally trained and practised as a lawyer he made a welcome change to teaching over twenty years ago. He has studied history, public affairs and the great philosophical masters; and has sought to put these philosophical teachings into practice for over thirty years. He is presently completing his first novel; and he also spends a lot of time practising ballroom dancing.

His first book, 7 Steps to Freedom, presents both modern and ancient wisdom from the East and West in a clear, readable and entertaining way. In this inspiring book, using personal anecdotes, simple practices and explanations, Gilbert draws on over thirty years of work on self-awareness and self-development to set out a systematic guide to finding freedom and happiness.

“Gilbert makes real freedom and happiness accessible.” Simone, San Francisco

“This is one of the most readable and practical books on self-awareness that I’ve ever come across.” Robert, Sydney

Gilbert’s monograph, How Noble in Reason, is a compact summary of a large topic. How do we educate children in values, virtues and good character? How do we cover a complex curriculum, and also inculcate reasonable standards of behaviour? In a witty and insightful survey of a broad range of sources, Gilbert puts forward an essentially simple and practical formula for education in the 21st century.

Gilbert is the headmaster of the John Colet School.
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